Solutions needed to halt inflation

With the borders still very much closed to non-essential travels, the population has no choice but to buy locally. It’s good for the local economy. However, the prices of goods have increased, putting strain on less well-off individuals and families.

I would like to offer solutions for authorities to consider in halting inflation.

I believe one way of ensuring the prices remain stable is by increasing the volume of daily necessities brought into the country.

Another way is to patrol commercial areas to enforce fair pricing of goods across the country. If the reason for not enforcing the control measure is manpower, there are the youth, the unemployed and the poor who would be more than happy to gain work placement.

It is also worth considering reducing or eliminating import duty for the short-term, until the prices of essential goods have gone down sufficiently.

Another strategy is to open agriculture and farming schemes to those on welfare. Contribute land, seeds, fertilisers, livestock feed and other necessities, including a loan capital, as well as manpower to help these people kick start their venture.

Local Analyst