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Solution to defuse digital ‘carpet bombing’

James Kon

Cybersecurity agencies worldwide are seeing an increasing threat from a new type of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack called carpet bombing.

Carpet bombing accounts for 44 per cent of the DDoS attacks globally in 2021 as reported by Neustar Security Services in its February 2022 report.

Businesses across the Sultanate can now take steps to protect their digital services from such network DDoS attacks, with UNN’s fully managed and automated cybersecurity service that will help protect the company’s digital lifeline.

Carpet bombing attacks a company’s multiple public IP addresses with smaller network traffic as compared to traditional volumetric attack, thus making it difficult to detect. The sum of the small attack-based network traffic can be equivalent to a volumetric attack on a single IP address.

These can easily congest Internet facing applications and network connectivity of the targetted company.

When a company faces such DDoS attack, the customer-facing digital services such as websites, e-commerce shops, web applications or mobile applications hosted, will be disrupted or significantly slowed down in response, impacting customer experience and the company’s business operations relying on these digital channels.

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