Solution to buff up cyber defence

James Kon

Concepts Technologies recently held a cyber security webinar on Centre on Internet Security (CIS) Controls with ManageEngine as a solution partner. Seventeen participants from 15 organisations attended.

ManageEngine presenter Sadhana Kumari discussed how ManageEngine Solutions can help organisations to comply with CIS Controls requirements. There are 20 CIS Controls present, 16 of which can be achieved by ManageEngine Solution, while the remaining four can be done by scheduling activities like training, regular testing, and penetration test.

With cyberattacks on the rise, organisations should look for a well-structured security plan to improve their cyber defence strategy.

ManageEngine’s suit of IT management solutions can help organisations meet the discrete CIS Controls requirements, and aid them in planning and developing the best-in-class security programme to achieve better cyber hygiene.

“As we are living in the digital world, the challenge with cyber security is the complexity, the number of choices to be made to defend the system, which can sometimes be overwhelming to an organisation. CIS Controls are made based on understanding an attacker’s life cycle and to model a defence action to prevent the attack. CIS Controls gathers experts across the world to set the 20 controls that would better defend an organisation against cyberattacks. Partnering with ManageEngine, we aim to help Brunei customers be well-prepared for cyberattacks, with a good foundation with ManageEngine Solution,” said Concepts Technologies Software Solution Specialist Ardoni Siregar.

Developed by the Center for Internet Security®, the CIS Critical Security Controls are a prescriptive, prioritised set of cybersecurity best practices and defensive actions to help prevent the most pervasive and dangerous attacks, and support compliance in a multi-framework era.

These actionable best practices for cyber defence are formulated by a group of IT experts using information gathered from actual attacks and their effective defences. The CIS Controls provide specific guidance and a clear pathway for organisations to achieve the goals and objectives described by multiple legal, regulatory and policy frameworks.

Attendees during the webinar. PHOTO: JAMES KON