Soil erosion, a cause for concern, says resident

Hakim Hayat

A resident of Kampong Katok ‘A’, Gadong is pleading for the authorities to look into a soil erosion behind his house that is getting worse each day as unsettled weather conditions in the country persist.

Heavy rain across the country the past week has triggered flash floods in many low-lying areas, as well as reports of landslides. Statistics on the number of incidents resulted from persistent downpour were not available at press time.

According to the homeowner who declined to be named, his house’s drainage has been blocked by soil erosion in the hilly area next to his backyard, causing visible cracks to the structure.

He said that he has been dealing with the problem since 2018.

He said the blockage in the drainage has caused problems to three neighbouring houses.

“With the condition worsening, I hope the authorities can swiftly take action, so any potentially hazardous incidents can be avoided,” he said.

Soil erosion near a residence in Kampong Katok. With the unsettled weather conditions across the country, soil erosions are a commonplace in residential areas.