Social security scheme for Malaysians working in Singapore soon

JOHOR BAHRU (Bernama) – Malaysia’s Ministry of Human Resources intends to introduce a social security protection scheme to some 300,000 Malaysians working in Singapore to protect their welfare.

Its minister M Kulasegaran said that the ministry is awaiting the results of a study on protecting Malaysians working in Singapore by the Social Security Organisation (SOSCO), which is expected to be completed in April or May, before introducing the scheme.

“This study to protect Malaysians working in Singapore is aimed at finding the pros and cons of the scheme, the benefits and risks they face. After that, we (the Ministry of Human Resources) will see what we can do,” he told reporters after attending the 2020 SOSCO Chinese New Year 2020 celebration last night. Also present were Ministry of Human Resources Secretary General Datuk Amir Omar and SOSCO Chief Executive Dr Mohammed Azman Aziz Mohammed.

Kulasegaran said there was a study done on why Malaysians were keen to work in Singapore and the results found that lucrative pay was a major factor for Malaysians working in the republic.