Social media could create public disorder, Imams warn

Azlan Othman

Yesterday’s Friday sermon warned against using social media as a platform for insults and inciting arguments.

“Social media is a useful medium for information and communication in our daily lives. However, if misused, it becomes a medium for spreading lies, pointing out people’s flaws, expressing resentment and create public disorder,” said Imams delivering the sermon.

“When communicating through social media, it means exposing ourselves to a world without borders. As Muslims, we need to be principled when communicating and interacting on social media.

“We must be mindful of our words. Every word spelled out on social media should be appropriate, which includes abstaining from words that are rude, defamatory and insulting to others.

“Muslims should also refrain from finding fault with others and raising issues that create animosity. These traits lead to slander, which is easily dispersed in the modern world. Making slanderous statements is despicable and a great sin.

“Therefore, we should take care to protect ourselves from acts which lead to slander.

“Muslims are also urged to practise Tabayyun, which means to check and verify the truthfulness of something. All obtained information must be verified for authenticity.

“As social media users, we need to be mindful when interacting with others; and we should pray to Allah the Almighty to avert us from wrongdoing and prejudgement.”