Soaring temperatures put four districts in Kelantan on alert

KOTA BHARU (Bernama) – Temperatures in four districts in Kelantan have soared between 35 to 37 degrees Celsius yesterday, said Kelantan Meteorological Department Director Rabiah Zakaria.

She said the districts that recorded high temperature readings were Gua Musang, Jeli, Kuala Krai and Tanah Merah.

“From the monitoring carried out yesterday, Kuala Krai recorded the highest temperature reading at 37 degrees Celsius, while three other districts, namely, Gua Musang, Jeli and Tanah Merah recorded above 35 degrees Celsius each,” she said when contacted by Bernama yesterday.

Rabiah said that March marked the end of the northeast monsoon and most places would experience less rainfall for longer period resulting in hot and dry weather.

She said the hot weather would begin to ease when the monsoon transition period takes place in April before southwest monsoon begins from May.

A Ceiba chodatii tree at Bandar Baharu Kuala Nerus is barren due to hot weather. – BERNAMA

“It is expected that this hot weather will ease when entering the monsoon transition in April as it usually brings more rainfall at that time,” she said.

However, she said, as a precautionary measure, the Meteorological Department would continue to monitor the current temperature across the state.

Meanwhile, she said members of the public were advised to reduce outdoor activities as well as to take adequate water to avoid any problems that could adversely affect health.

In addition, she said open burning activities should also be stopped during the hot weather.

Kelantan suffered dry spell over the last few weeks despite being in the northeast monsoon season.