Smuggling attempt busted, two arrested

James Kon

Personnel from Bangar Police Station thwarted a smuggling attempt and arrested two suspects, during a routine patrol on Saturday.

The personnel on patrol spotted two suspicious vehicles exiting a plantation in Kampong Piasau-Piasau, Temburong District, at around 10pm, according to the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF).

When the team approached, the vehicles sped away and a chase ensued. One vehicle overturned and fell into a ditch, with the driver escaping.

Meanwhile, the two occupants of the other car were intercepted by police at a road near Kampong Labu Estate.

A check on the vehicle found 13 boxes of frozen chicken tails, 16 cartons of beer and 15 cartons of cigarettes.

The police also recovered other items such as cosmetics and beauty products, coffee, massage oil and trucker hats.

The suspects, along with the vehicle and seized items were brought to the Bangar Police Station, before being handed over to the Royal Customs and Excise Department (RCED) for further action.

The RBPF and other enforcement agencies will continue the efforts to eradicate, investigate and monitor all cross-border criminal activities.

One of the suspected cars overturned after a chase. PHOTO: RBPF
Boxes of frozen chicken tails. PHOTOS: RBPF
Cartons of beer seized