SMSA students shine at Singapore Brain Camp

|     Izzqah     |

THIS year the National University of Singapore (NUS) Department of Physiology has once again partnered with Temasek Foundation International to co-organise the 7th TF Intl – NUS STEP Brain Camp. More than 150 youths from 13 countries across Asia including Brunei have participated in this enriching programme. Four students from Sayyidina Ali Secondary School, Kuala Belait namely Ahmad Hamizan bin Muhammad Azian, Chung Yu Yan, Muhammad Syaamil Fakhri bin Matussin and Nur Izzqah binti Bungsu were selected to represent Brunei along with our chaperone, Mikhail Gregory bin Abdullah Teo.

The camp spanned over a period of one week starting from June 3 – 9. The theme of this year’s Brain Camp was ‘Exploring Animal Models; Targeting Brain Diseases’ which reflects the important role animal models play in helping us to better understand how our brain functions and to develop therapeutic strategies to combat brain diseases.

On the first day we had our teambuilding activity at Gardens by the Bay where we were all in groups consisting of members from different countries mixed together. Despite the hot weather, we all managed to mingle with one another and got very close within a short amount of time as everyone was very friendly. Over the week, there were various excellent lectures by different speakers as well as interesting interactive activities. I was most fascinated with racing toy cars using electromyography (EMG). The activity was an exciting experience as we were able to move toy cars just by the contraction of the biceps.

One month prior to this camp we made preparations for our research paper and research presentation which was based on our assigned topic. Ours was on stroke and its effects. We presented ours and were very honoured to have won third place in both our presentation and research paper.

All in all, I am very grateful for this invaluable opportunity. This camp has helped me overcome my shyness and encouraged me to become more engaged as well as fuel my interest in the field of neuroscience. I have built new friendships with people from different countries with various cultures and ways of thinking. I can say that Brain Camp was a definite success and that their objective was achieved.

From left: Nur Izzqah binti Bungsu, Muhammad Syaamil Fakhri bin Matussin, Mikhail Gregory bin Abdullah Teo, Ahmad Hamizan bin Muhammad Azian and Chung Yu Yan with their prizes