Slithery problem in neighbourhood

I READ with interest the letter regarding the rubbish problem in public areas published on August 15, 2018.

I was wondering if there are any agencies that can assist dealing with rubbish problems at private compounds?

My neighbour treats their backyard as a rubbish dumping place and when they feel like it, they burn the rubbish.

The problem is that when they burn the rubbish, only a part of it is burnt.

Other neighbours, including myself, have to bear with the foul smell of rubbish and burning trash over the years.

The rubbish also attracts rats to the place.

In eight months, the neighbourhood (in Jalan Telanai), including people at my own house, have sighted snakes four times!

We have had to call the Fire and Rescue Department to deal with these snakes twice while my dogs managed to kill them the other two times.

We were told by the firemen that the snakes were attracted to the rats inhabiting the rubbish dump in my neighbour’s backyard.

Other neighbours have mentioned sightings of snakes too.

Can the authority look into this before anything unwanted happens?

– Not a Snake Fan