Sleepless in Vientiane without air-conditioning

|     Khonesavanh Lathsaphao     |

VIENTIANE (Vientiane Times/ANN) – The increased use of air-conditioners (ACs) is making deep holes in everyone’s pockets, but it is impossible to imagine a life without these cooling machines as the temperatures soar.

The unending hot weather in Vientiane has forced residents to use ACs to stay cool round-the-clock.

The main drivers of the increased energy consumption are clearly homes and office buildings which use air-conditioning units. When the days are particularly hot, as Laotians are experiencing at present, air-conditioners require a lot more power, even more than usual, to cool rooms.

Some areas in Vientiane sometimes experience power cuts on days when the mercury shoots over 30 degrees Celsius and the high demand for power overloads the grid.

When the weather is hot, people use a lot more electricity in their houses, especially on air-conditioners, water coolers, fans and refrigerators.

In the past two decades, people did not care much about using air- conditioning units, but now the weather is beginning to heat up like never before and everyone wants to keep their houses and offices cool.

In Laos, especially in Vientiane, people have more spending power and even keep cars with good air-conditioning systems.

A couple who live in Nonwai village of Xaysettha district and wanted to stay anonymous told Vientiane Times that the weather is too hot since the past few days – touching 40 degrees Celsius.