Skilled workforce key to success, says TelBru CEO

|     Danial Norjidi     |

TELEKOM Brunei Berhad (TelBru) puts great importance on continuously investing in training and learning for its people, as it is crucial to have a skilled workforce with the right attitude and the right capability.

David Kay, the Chief Executive Officer of TelBru highlighted these points in an interview with the Bulletin yesterday.

TelBru has several training and educational programmes offered to its staff related to leadership management and the telecommunications industry.

This facilitates for a better human resource pool capable of meeting customer demand, whilst inculcating a culture of quality throughout the entire company.

TelBru will hold its third graduation ceremony tomorrow for 126 TelBru graduates across a variety of fields from better understanding of fibre technology, and management.

The ceremony will also mark the first such graduation ceremony for 25 participants in the company’s Leadership Development Programme (LDP) certified with an Executive Masters in Management (People Leadership) from Asia e-University.

Asked on the importance of investing in people, Kay said, “It’s absolutely crucial. If you don’t have a well skilled workforce with the right attitude and the right capability, you can’t actually do very much.

David Kay, the Chief Executive Officer of Telekom Brunei Berhad (TelBru). – DANIAL NORJIDI

“At the end of the day technology is technology, and as long as you’ve got it, it’s on par with everyone else, but the difference is people, and investment in people is just as important as investment in the network infrastructure, because if you’ve got the right people you can achieve anything.

“Even if you haven’t got the right equipment, you can go a long way. If you don’t have the right people you can’t actually do anything. You can have the greatest equipment, tools, etc, but if you don’t have the right people, it doesn’t work,” he said.

“I believe that continuous investment in those people and the new people who join the company, you need to keep it going.”

Kay spoke on what he hopes to see for TelBru in terms of continuous learning going forward.

“In the context of the overall company, we have now a company that’s got a good network. We’ve got customer service and our outlets up to a standard.

“Now we need to take advantage of the great technology and this great human resource that we now have,” said the TelBru CEO, noting that the company has an innovation unit to come up with new ideas, products and services.

He said he would like to see people capitalising on the learning that they’ve already had and continuing it.

He added, at TelBru’s headquarters, “We’ve got quiet areas where people can sit and study dotted around in a certain part of the company, away from the noise.”

He said these areas offer their staff, during breaks and lunch times, a quiet corner to study. “That facility is available so we’re encouraging it.”

Kay also spoke on TelBru’s Learning Centre in Berakas. “That is widely used. It’s to encourage this type of learning. We get people in to do courses, but we also get people in remotely via conference call. We’ve got excellent, first-class facilities out there, so that we don’t have to send people overseas or fly people in from the UK. They can actually talk to 30-40 people and train them there.

“One thing that we are going to do is, apart from encouraging and building on that, I’d like people to carry on learning, and the innovation will mean that they have to learn, or at least a number of people do. The technology’s changing; they have to learn about the technology. So we’re continuously encouraging that and I hope that would continue,” he added.