Six women entrepreneurs put skills to test

Aziz Idris

Six women entrepreneurs from the Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam Special Underprivileged Mothers Empowerment Entrepreneurship Development (BIBD SEED) Programme are participating in the three-day Borneo Bulletin Yearbook (BBYB) Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Showcase at One Riverside.

The marketplace enables participants to put their skills to the test as part of their entrepreneurial journey and development.

All six businesswomen are from the third cohort of the BIBD SEED programme who started their training last September. They are expected to graduate by May 31, 2021.

The entrepreneurs are Nadzirah binti Karia (Meltz), Fatimah binti Bujang (Laksa Pot), Rostiyani binti Wahid (Grill & Wrap), Zunita binti Salim (Sambalicious), Nur Habibah binti Abdullah (Panini Station) and Nisyren Warnida (Pastries Sweety).

They are currently at the stage of developing their specialty food and beverage products.

BIBD SEED participant Rostiyani binti Wahid of Grill & Wrap (L) at the event. PHOTO: AZIZ IDRIS/BAHYIAH BAKIR

Their participation at the MSME Showcase allows them the ideal opportunity to launch and establish their products.

For Rostiyani, participating in the showcase has given her a platform to learn business conducts in the real world, such as profit and meeting her customers, especially those who order online via social media.

“This is my first time joining (the showcase) and I will definitely join future events to boost my business. I still have a lot to learn and this is a good way to start,” she added.

Among other objectives of the marketplace are coaching the participants on business operation procedures, training them on how to maintain high hygiene levels while preparing and handling food, and familiarising them with the use of BIBD QuickPay – a fast and convenient digital payment solution introduced by BIBD.