Six drivers involved in illegal racing face the music

Azlan Othman

Six of the seven men involved in an illegal street race near the Tutong District Civic Centre Complex have been fined for making unauthorised modifications to their vehicles.

Following the joint raid on January 26, the men were instructed to bring their cars to the Land Transport Department (JPD), where it was found that six of the vehicles had been modified.

Fourteen fines were issued to the owners, who were also ordered to restore their vehicle according to the original specifications.

The licences of two of the vehicles involved in the race were also revoked.

In a statement, JPD said that any owner of a vehicle that does not meet the required stipulations under Regulation 3 of the Road Traffic Regulation, Chapter 68, will be issued with a compound fine of BND50 for the first offence, BND150 for the second offence, BND300 for the third offence, BND500 for the fourth offence and a conviction for subsequent offences.

Under Section 37A (7) of the Road Traffic Act, Chapter 68, anyone who organises or participates in any competition or speed test without the written consent of the Police Commissioner; and any driver or person responsible for any such race or speed test is guilty of an offence, whereby a fine of not less than BND1,000 but not exceeding BND2,000 and six months’ imprisonment will be imposed.

Upon conviction of the second or subsequent offence, a fine of not less than BND2,000 but not exceeding BND3,000, along with a 12-month prison term, will be imposed.

To report activities in violation of road safety, contact the Darussalam hotline at 123 or through WhatsApp at +6738333123.

Alternatively, the public may log on to the Darussalam Line website at, to send photos of the vehicles involved.

Cars involved in the illegal street race. PHOTO: JPD