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Siti Nurhaliza battles vocal complications while crafting ‘Sitism’ album

ANN/THE STAR – Malaysian songstress Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza disclosed her ongoing struggles with vocal issues while creating her most recent album, Sitism during a press conference held recently.

Siti, aged 44, shared that the production of her 20th album spanned approximately three months due to complications with her voice.

Acknowledging the challenging and sluggish recovery process, Siti expressed her acceptance of the potential gradual loss of her vocal abilities during an interview with mStar, The Star’s Malay language news portal.

“At one point, it took a really long time (for my voice) to heal, and I have slowly accepted if Allah were to take away my voice.

“Now that I’m in my 40s, I’m OK if my voice is rough or hoarse. I will still keep singing to the best of my ability. I’m always positive,” she said.

Siti shared during the interview that she visited doctors multiple times and also prayed in front of the Kaabah during Ramadhan for a speedy recovery.

As for the comments from netizens who said that her voice isn’t the same as before, the singer said, “Before this, there were listeners who talked about how much my voice has changed but it’s not something I take to heart.

“We must always be thankful and positive. I will do my best, and this album is also the best I can give at the moment,” she concluded.

Sitism was released digitally with eight tracks on June 30. A version with 12 songs was released on September 8.


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