Singaporean ‘Wonder Boy’ is Palau Goodwill Ambassador

KUALA LUMPUR (Bernama) – Ten-year old International Child Celebrity, Emiliano Cyrus was recently appointed Republic of Palau’s Honorary Goodwill Ambassador for Tourism by its president, Tommy Remengesau.

Affectionately nicknamed ‘Wonder Boy’, the multi-talented Singaporean-born Chinese-Portuguese is an artist, singer, music-theatre actor, gymnast, model and kart racer, all rolled in one.

When asked what he would do next as goodwill ambassador, he replied, “To compose a song for The Republic of Palau”.

Believing in the power of song and its ability to connect people, Cyrus says there is no better way to express his love for Palau but through a song.

The interviews by countless international media will allow him to promote an exchange in tourism between Palau and Singapore, and the countries in the Asia Pacific region.

He will also help to foster relationships, bridging the gap between the region and the Palau republic.

Come next year, Cyrus will perform at a national state event in Palau which will be attended by presidents, the world over, according to a statement by Singapore Lianhe Wanbao.

He looks forward to contributing in the development of tourism and economic growth, raising environmental awareness and keeping open channels of communication that can serve in the interest of both Palau and Asia Pacific.

He will also continue with his charity works for Palau internationally.

“He is a talented and passionate individual who is actively involved in charity and has a positive and wide-ranging influence internationally. We are very good friends and I am very touched by his love for Palau. He is most deserving of his appointment,” said Remengesau.

The ‘Wonder Boy’ is also representing international brands such as Gap, And1, Mobike, Ofo, Tmall (part of the Alibaba Group) and others.