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Singapore Red Cross pledges USD100K for Sri Lanka

THE STRAITS TIMES – The Singapore Red Cross (SRC) has pledged USD100,000 for medical supplies and other basic necessities for vulnerable communities in Sri Lanka as the island nation experienced its worst economic crisis.

The SRC has also launched a public fund-raising appeal to rally donations to support these communities with medical drugs and equipment.

This comes following reports that Sri Lanka’s healthcare system is close to collapse, with supply of vital drugs running out while some procedures and tests have been suspended.

The lack of foreign exchange has left President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s government unable to import essentials, including medicine and fuel, causing massive power cuts and bringing thousands of protesters on to the streets demanding his ouster.

SRC secretary-general and chief executive Benjamin William said: “The escalating humanitarian crisis, brought about by the economic collapse and the growing civil unrest, endangers the well-being of all communities in Sri Lanka, particularly those already vulnerable.”

He said it has become a major challenge for Sri Lankans to have access to basic essentials such as food, medicine, fuel and electricity, noting that even at leading medical facilities, patients have had to put up with pain owing to the unavailability of basic drugs like morphine and anaesthetic.

“We appeal to the people of Singapore to support our fund-raising appeal, with the aim to bring much-needed relief aid to individuals and families in Sri Lanka,” said William.