Simple ways to uplift mood and mind

Ayman Anika

ANN/ THE KATHMANDU POST – Not many of us can easily become a poet — to stop and romanticise about the beauty of nature — and feed our heart and mind with creativity and blissfulness.

In today’s mechanical world, we are very much prone to engage in hyper-productivity and are triggered by stress and depression. According to research studies, there is a strong and intimate link between good mental health and good physical health and vice versa; hence, we need to make sincere efforts to keep our mind and mood in optimal shape.

We don’t need to embark on a massive voyage to ensure our mental well-being! Just some small and simple steps will do wonders.


We all have done this: not getting a good night’s sleep, hitting the snooze button two or three (or umpteenth) times and panicking to reach work on time. But in reality, our mornings set the tone of our days. So, why not try to ensure a quiet and mindful morning by taking some conscious breaths and expressing gratitude. Morning mediation helps us to relax and enhances our ability to focus.

And the result – we all get to enjoy a more calm, peaceful and energetic day.


We can easily get caught in the trance of productivity and busyness of our life and forget to be kind to ourselves—and so, if we are feeling tired, we just need to rest or take a power nap. Again, caffeine can provide us with some necessary energy boost as it is a natural stimulant, and studies have proved that it has positive effects on our mood.

Slowly sipping a cup of finely brewed coffee and savouring its taste and smell will not do anyone any harm. So, go ahead! Offer yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy it alone or with your loved ones.


Music can be therapeutic – especially when one is feeling under the weather. According to researchers from Japan’s Osaka University, music with a major and upbeat tone (rather than a minor) is directly connected with lower stress levels and feelings of happiness. In short, music is an excellent and revitalising stress reliever.

Do you have a playlist that makes you want to sing along? If yes, then do not delay to tune into your favourite playlist and sing your heart out.


We all have something or someone who makes us feel better when we are feeling sad or distressed. One may find some much-needed pleasure from cooking a simple meal or watching a movie with a friend or alone—or reading a book can equally be helpful. Each day arrives with its gains and losses; so, we should try to engage in activities that take our minds off negative thoughts.

And lastly, we’ve all heard it “Laughter is the best medicine”—so just smile, and it will make you feel a whole lot better and increase the level of happy hormones —dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins.