SIA to enrich customer experience with expanded programme

As part of Singapore Airlines’ (SIA) efforts to deliver an enriched experience to customers, a wider range of fares and personalised content will be provided to its travel trade partners in Brunei from November 3.

This comes via an expansion of SIA’s KrisConnect Programme which leverages new distribution technology to make available improved content and functionality through partner platforms. In launching KrisConnect in 2018, SIA was one of the first airlines in the Asia-Pacific to take advantage of this new technology, a press release stated.

Travel agencies that participate in the KrisConnect Programme will benefit from improved speed-to-market, access to a wide range of fare products including personalised content, and the ability to offer customised products to customers, such as bundled packages and negotiated fare deals. This in turn elevates the booking experience for customers through increased levels of personalisation and recognition of KrisFlyer status. The KrisConnect Programme leverages Application Program Interface (API) technology, including the industry-developed New Distribution Capability (NDC) standards.

Key travel agency partners in Brunei Darussalam expressed support for the KrisConnect Programme, seeing it as an opportunity to further enhance customers’ experience.

Through the KrisConnect Programme, travel agencies and external partners can take advantage of multiple ways to access the new content and functionalities.

SIA will make content available through traditional Global Distribution Systems such as Amadeus, Sabre and Travelport as well as new technology partners such as PKFare, TP Connects, Travelfusion, TravelNDC, and Verteil Technologies.

SIA’s travel agent portal AGENT 360 will also be enhanced to allow travel agents direct access to content via the KrisConnect Programme.