Showers expected during festive season

Brunei’s weather this week will potentially be active with showers or thundershowers, especially over inland areas during the afternoon and spreading to coastal areas in the evening and at night.

Based on the latest rainfall forecast from the Numerical Weather Prediction model, Brunei Darussalam is expected to experience showers or thundershowers, especially on the weekend and early next week, stated the Brunei Darussalam Meteorological Department (BDMD).

Sea condition is at slight state with wave heights below one metre throughout the week.

The country is currently in the inter-monsoon period and is expected to last until the end of May. The inter-monsoon period is a transitional period from the Northeast Monsoon to the Southwest Monsoon. Based on climatological records, the frequency of thunderstorms occurrences is high during the inter-monsoon period in comparison to the other months.