Showcasing local talent, strengthening local auto industry

Azlan Othman

The Final Drive (TFD) launched a new season with a private viewing of the first episode of Season Two in collaboration with Sonax Brunei, its appointed exclusive professional detailer, in Sonax Lambak late Saturday night, following the success of Season One.

Guests from the automotive industry participated. The collaboration between Sonax and TFD is hoped to showcase local talent and strengthen the local auto industry.

TFD was the first to review the exceptionally rare Japanese car HKS ZERO R. Only 10 of them were made and only one is up and running on the road. This placed TFD’s opening episode as the world’s most updated content on the Japanese car.

After the completion of Season One, TFD also piqued the interest of companies such as Takaful Brunei, who became an official sponsor for Season Two.

TFD is set to continually push the local automotive industry into the limelight with production quality that can compete with those of foreign entities and garner international viewers on the automotive lifestyle here in the country.

SONAX Brunei Managing Director Md Azri bin Abd Rahman in a group photo with The Final Drive team. PHOTO: AZLAN OTHMAN

TFD is a local car review channel on social media (Instagram) involving a team of three individuals with an immense passion for the automotive industry: Awangku Khairuddin bin Pengiran Umar, Muhammad bin Abdul Khalid and Muhammad Nur Khalaf Khabilah bin Haji Md Daud.

The TFD’s mission is aimed at highlighting the Bruneian car community’s dozens of rare vehicles, both vintage and exotic as well as changing the population’s perspective towards the automotive community.

In TFD’s channel, the team grabs the viewers’ attention by revealing all aspects of the chosen car per episode. From functionality to cosmetics, each category is documented with high quality production locally available. The team’s vision is to showcase the automotive industry through the eyes of local and international viewers, while also showing to aspiring filmmakers and directors that with hard work and perseverance, one’s vision too can come into fruition.

Sonax Brunei and its network of detailing centres serve the local car care industry from basic car wash, interior cleaning, wax to polish with quality products and services that help car owners improve the quality of their vehicles’ aesthetic looks and protection. Consumers who prefer to self-care their cars can also walk in and purchase Sonax’s do-it-yourself (DIY) products.

“Sonax Brunei looks forward to working with TFD, as there is no better platform to expose what Sonax care has to offer. Collaborating with TFD helps to support the gap between our business and consumers,” said Sonax Brunei Managing Director Md Azri bin Abdul Rahman.