Show of skills at RBAF anniversary performance

|     Izah Azahari     |

THE mini stadium at the Bolkiah Garrison sprang to life when an operation to thwart a ‘terrorist group activity’ came into play on the field during the 58th Royal Brunei Armed Forces (RBAF) anniversary celebration yesterday.

The performance showcased the tactics and techniques of infiltration, before setting off on a mission involving high skill abilities to execute a high-profile mission.

The elite forces used an infiltration method into an objective area by fast roping down from a Blackhawk aircraft. They were protected by a sniper team readily placed around the target with the aim of monitoring and protecting key combat teams.

The audience were further enthralled by the sounds of explosives and guns as the performance played out.

Following the operation performance was a team of four personnel from the Paratroopers of the Special Forces Regiment parachuting down from a Blackhawk aircraft 3,500 feet above ground.

The Paratroopers have the skills to carry out special missions of infiltration through a tactical parachuting method.

Further enlivening the performance was two snipers from the Special Forces Regiment using a retreating technic known as the ‘Multi Rope Abseil’ to speed up the retreating process from the target area towards a safer location.

The performance culminated with the Special Forces Regiment coming together onto the field along with the assets.

The highlight of the ceremony was the awarding of the Barrette, Dagger and Badge, as well as the Honorary Membership during the Special Forces Regiment of the RBAF Award ceremony.

ABOVE & BELOW: Photos show the performances. – PHOTOS: BAHYIAH BAKIR