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Should you go for an all-white décor?

Tasfia Ahmed

ANN/ THE DAILY STAR – Rooms with a lot of natural lighting usually tend to be the ideal candidate for all-white walls and ceiling.

Natural light supplements a room’s ambience with comfort and warmth, making it crucial for any room with all-white decor.

When white interior decoration is executed right, it possesses a distinct combination of chic
and grandeur. On the other hand, uninformed design choices can easily lead to a room appearing sterile and dreary. Here are some tips to keep in mind while planning out the colourless room of your dreams, without compromising its liveliness.


We often forget that there are more shades of white than off-white. Each colour on the spectrum has a white version of it. To add more depth to a room, you can use a palette of distinct but harmonising hues of white together. A couch with the faintest shade of blue can be paired with pillows which exhibit barely noticeable hints of grey.

Using the lightest shades of different colours will help you forge a white palette which holds depth and gradation.


The incorporation of a wide range of striking textures can help substitute the lack of colour.
Be it with the inclusion of a velvet upholstered bed, ivory wood panelled walls or an alabaster sisal rug, textures can forge the appearance of colour without the inclusion of any real non-whites.


It is inevitable to end up with a dull all-white room without the use of contrasting accents.

Add sparse splashes of colour with accents in shades which complement the white. It may be through the addition of a summery rattan basket, a coastal coloured throw or a jewel toned chevron rug. Accents can also be in the form of metal. Brass appliances and fixtures go well with warmer toned white rooms, while chrome accentuates cooler ones. If you prefer an earthy feel, replace metal accents with wood. Make sure to use accents sparingly so attention is not diverted from the white.


Indoor house plants like bold green calatheas and striking red fittonias not only add natural accents to white rooms, but they also add liveliness in the most literal form. If indoor gardening is not your thing, artificial plants can still add a metaphorical breath of fresh air to a room which feels barren.

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