Shop fined BND500 for improper rubbish disposal

|     James Kon     |

THE Enforcement Unit of Tutong District Office issued a compound fine of BND500 to the household and hardware outlet Mr DIY (B) Sdn Bhd in Tutong District for violating the Minor Offences Act Chapter 30 Section 12 D yesterday.

Enforcement Unit personnel conducted a check and found rubbish indiscriminately disposed outside the premises with burnt debris.

The outlet was given seven days to settle the fine. Failing to do so would result in a further fine of BND1,000, or one month imprisonment for first-time offenders.

For repeat offenders, the penalty is a BND3,000 fine or imprisonment of up to three months.

The Enforcement Unit reminded the public and shop owners to always maintain cleanliness in their surrounding environment and dispose rubbish in proper place.

Rubbish disposed outside the shop. – ENFORCEMENT UNIT OF TUTONG DISTRICT OFFICE