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SHENA officer outlines measures against heat stress for workers

James Kon

The Safety, Health and Environment National Authority (SHENA) at the sidelines of its roadshow at the International Convention Centre in Berakas yesterday emphasised the importance of protecting workers, especially in the construction industry, against heat stress.

SHENA Compliance and International Affairs Division Officer Zaharuddin bin Haji Abdul Rahman in a media briefing outlined signs for employers to pay attention to.

“Ensure that workers are adequately acclimatised to the hot weather and working conditions, and schedule heavy outdoor physical work under the sun to the cooler parts of the day as reasonably practicable,” he said.

He added that it is important to perform a risk assessment addressing working in a hot environment and work activities which produce heat.

“Provide flexible rest breaks away from heat and adequate cool drinking water at convenient and accessible locations,” Zaharuddin said.


He also stressed the importance of awareness and education by encouraging workers to keep themselves hydrated, recognise the early symptoms of heat-related disorders and understand the risks and control measures.

Employers should also provide emergency preparedness plans and recovery measures for workers suspected of suffering from the heat and ensure appointed first aiders in the workplace are prepared to provide first aid if necessary, he said.

“It is also vital to provide adequate ventilation for workers who are working in hot indoor environments. Encourage workers to wear loose-fitting and light-coloured clothing,” Zaharuddin said.

Employers and medical practitioners are reminded to report work-related heat stroke cases – after a diagnosis by a medical practitioner – by clicking the ‘Report an Incident’ button on SHENA’s website,

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