Sharing knowledge, vision

The Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) organised its first Sharing A Vision (SAV) project, aimed at facilitating leaders from various industries across Southeast Asia to share knowledge and vision.

The project was divided into two part – Sharing A Vision-Connect series (SAV-C series) where speakers shared their knowledge on various industries, including current conditions, challenges, and trends via online platform – and Sharing A Vision: Exploration series (SAV-E series), where participants were invited to observe each industry on a daily basis.

YSEALI hosted a SAV-Connect webinar on December 6, 2020, themed ‘Working on Women’ in collaboration with the US Embassy in Brunei Darussalam.

The webinar discussed challenges and impacts of COVID-19 especially on women. Meanwhile, YSEALI also organised a SAV-Exploration visit to Eco Ponies Garden in Tutong District.

The visit highlighted the ‘Impact of COVID-19 on Women in the Tourism Industry’.

Participants during a webinar on mental health. PHOTO: YSEALI

Since then, YSEALI SAV has hosted various webinars which include topics such as entrepreneurship, education, environment, women and mental health.

The project came to a close last week with one final webinar and one final virtual workshop.

Directors of Cope For Hope in Brunei Mizi Rahman and Surah Azlan and co-founder of Recipes for Wellbeing in Italy Greta Rossi facilitated a webinar on ‘Mental Health Awareness during COVID-19’.

The webinar aimed at raising awareness on mental health, the impact of the pandemic and best practices. Creator of More to Bloom in Brunei Nadzirah Suhaimi, meanwhile, led a virtual session themed ‘Mindfulness as a Survival Guide’. The workshop covered the concept of mindfulness as well as the importance of being aware of one’s senses and feelings in the present moment to reduce stress.

YSEALI thanked the US Embassy, invited local and international speakers, facilitators and participants as well as organising committee members, Afiq Mohammed (Project Lead), Pincha Rutchatawuttipong (SAV-Connect Lead), Aziemah Daud and Hizaam Haris (SAV-Exploration Co-Leads), Azim Said (Technical and Marketing) and Hanif Alimin Shah (Creative Lead) for their support.