Share your blood donating journey, help motivate others

Daniel Lim

In response to the overwhelming success of the blood donation drive on June 14, Art of Living Brunei has started a series of competitions to mark the occasion, serving to highlight the unified goal the act of donating blood has: To help save lives. The competitions, open to all, carry the theme ‘One World, One Blood, One Family.’

Children aged five to 12 can submit drawings or painted artworks in line with the theme; while children aged 12 to 16 can submit written essays on the theme. Adults can share videos on why they donate blood or their experience of receiving, or knowing someone who has received blood transfusion.

Meanwhile, medical officials can submit videos of them organising blood donation drives or their reasons for being in the frontline in collecting blood.

AoL Brunei outlined that entries can be submitted by sharing them on its Facebook page with the hashtags #OneWorldOneBloodOneFamily #WorldBloodDonorDay and #AOLBrunei, as well as tagging Aol Panaga Brunei.

Information on the competitions and submission of entries can also be acquired at [email protected] The competition runs until July 14.

AoL Brunei said the competition serves to motivate people with authentic touching stories, and should have an element of love injected into it.

“This will hopefully encourage those who are fit to donate in the future, especially first-timers who are scared to donate. This will have a cascading effect as more and more people will start and continue to donate blood,” said Ravindra V Gadamsetti of AoL Brunei.