Several factors caused water discolouration: JKR

Rokiah Mahmud

The Public Works Department (JKR) said that the difficulty in treating raw water sourced from the Tutong River is causing discolouration in the piped water supply to several areas.

“The water’s murky quality is caused by several factors, including sediment run-off, vegetation decomposition and near-stagnant conditions,” said the JKR in a statement issued yesterday.

The department also informed that uncertain weather conditions, such as prolonged rainfall or drought, could also result in high organic and mineral content in the river source, consequently leading to high levels of discolouration on the Hazen scale.

“Our department constantly strives to manage the issue of discoloured water through operation and maintenance, so that it reaches the critical parameters of the World Health Organization (WHO) standards for safe and clean water consumption,” it stated further.

“Routine samples of water were taken from several locations in the Brunei-Muara District, while pipe-flushing activities were also carried out, to further ensure the consistency of clean water.”

Meanwhile, the public is advised to exercise moderation in water usage. To request water tanker services or to lodge complaints on the water quality, the Darussalam line can be reached at 123.