Seventh-grader breaks free throw world record

UPI – An Ohio seventh-grader broke a Guinness World Record by sinking 52 free throws in one minute – besting the previous record by 12.

Ava Pietras, a seventh-grader at Jefferson Junior High in Toledo, said she was inspired to pursue the Guinness World Record for most free-throws in one minute after her trainer, Anthony Miracola, set the male version of the world record.

“After Anthony broke the men’s he gave me the idea to break the women’s so I looked into it. It was at 40 and I said ‘OK, that’s doable,'” Pietras told WTVG-TV. “In my first try, I got 36 and I knew I was going to break it.”

Pietras sank 52 free throws in one minute during her official attempt.