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Seven countries, territories agree to re-open flights with Vietnam

HANOI (VIET NAM NEWS) – Seven countries and territories, including the United States (US), Japan, Singapore, Cambodia and South Korea, have agreed to resume air routes to Vietnam, according to the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV).

Most have basically agreed with Vietnam’s proposal on the frequency of four regular international passenger flights per week per direction.

The South Korean aviation authority said there were limits on the number of incoming international passenger flights to South Korea due to COVID-19 pandemic prevention regulations. There were only two flights per week for the Vietnam and South Korea air route.

South Korean airlines are currently only allowed to operate 21 flights per week.

CAAV said it was negotiating with the aviation authorities of South Korea to increase flights. A representative of Vietnam Airlines said that the airline was trying to resume regular international flights.

Currently, the airline has re-opened regular commercial routes carrying passengers to Vietnam in seven markets: the US (four flights per week), Japan (three flights per week), South Korea (two flights per week), Singapore (two flights per week), Thailand (two flights per week) and Cambodia (four flights per week).

Travellers exiting the first regular re-opened international flight from Cambodia to Vietnam at Tan Son Nhat Airport. PHOTO: VIET NAM NEWS

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