Settle water bill before it becomes a burden: Imams

Azlan Othman

Religious authorities are urging the Ummah to act responsibly by monitoring their water usage and settling the bills within a specified time.

“Avoid excessive use, as this will increase the bills that can become a burden and lead into too much debt,” said Imams in yesterday’s Friday sermon. “Not only is water a basic necessity in our daily lives, but it is also closely related to religious matters such as ablutions, prayers and reciting Al-Quran.

“Wasting in general is a reprehensible trait, as Allah the Almighty does not like those who are wasteful and excessive. As consumers, we should be sensitive, concerned and responsible.

We should be conscientious in preventing wastage, such as alerting the authorities immediately if a water leakage occurs.

“Just imagine how our daily lives would be affected if the water supply got disrupted due to dry weather or a burst pipe. Let us improve our attitude through effective water consumption to avoid wastage; exercising patience during water disruptions; and promoting awareness on the importance of water, which would indirectly reduce government spending in the cleaning, treatment and supply of water for daily use.”