Sermon highlights wisdom behind COVID-19 crisis

Azlan Othman

There are wisdoms behind the COVID-19 pandemic and through new norms like enhancing cleanliness as practising self-cleanliness is a commendable effort. This is also emphasised in Islam, Imams highlighted in the Hari Raya Aidiladha sermon yesterday morning.

“Family institutions are also strengthened as we spend more quality time with our family like performing congregational prayers and sitting together with our children revising their studies,” they said.

The Imams said this year’s celebration is different from the past and for the very first time, we are engaged in new norms due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“But we are grateful that with the blessings of Allah the Almighty and prayers, we are able to contain the pandemic. Although the pandemic is under control in this country, we should not be complacent by violating the rules and regulations to take care of ourselves and people around us,” they said.

The Imams added; “The public also came forward to lend a hand regardless of status and religion and provided assistance to the frontliners sacrificing their time, wealth, thoughts and energy. The public also abided by the rules and regulations stipulated by the government. Islam orders us to adhere to these rules and regulations as long as it is not against the orders of Allah the Almighty.

“The pandemic also taught us to adhere to social distancing, use hand sanitisers, face masks, check body temperature and use the BruHealth QR code scan at mosques, government buildings and business premises. We also recite Doa and read Al-Quran to seek blessings from Allah the Almighty.

Mosque Officer at Jame’ ‘Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Begawan Pehin Khatib Dato Paduka Haji Mustafa bin Haji Murat delivers the sermon. PHOTO: INFOFOTO

“Let us be cautious to protect the people and nation and pray for the ruler, people and the nation to be free from COVID-19. It is hoped that Hari Raya Adiladha brings blessings to us.”

In the second part of the sermon, Imams highlighted that performing sacrificial rites is Sunnat Muakkadah or highly demanded and Muslims who are capable are encouraged to hold sacrificial rituals.

They also reiterated that as steps to contain the pandemic are still on, Muslims should adhere to the guidelines and advisory from the Ministry of Health as there is still concern of the COVID-19 infection outbreak.