Series win a testament to durability, reliability

TYREMANMAGAZINE – With an impressive five wins over the season, lasting two consecutive days, Linglong Tires have not only shown fine form but also the durability of their tyres.

Masanori Kobashi of Linglong Tire Drift Team Orange signed off the 2020 season by being crowned for the first time as a series champion. “We are tremendously proud of winning the race and We would like to thank all participants, organisers and fans for making the event happen, despite delays in the initial schedule for the D1GP 2020 due to the pandemic,” Masanori said.

Since its inception two decades ago, the Japan D1GP has maintained its position as a renowned international drifting competition. Every year, drifting masters work to manipulate the brakes, as they steer and throttle in an agile manner to keep the car in an oversteer position while maintaining absolute control and shifting the weight of the car between corners.

Noting the ascending story of the Drift Team, Chairman and President of Linglong Tires Wang Feng said, “The D1GP 2020 marks our second year of participation and we are honoured to win the championship in a world-class event as such. It’s a testament to the great sportsmanship that connects us all in such an unprecedented time, as well as the reliable performance of our tyres and our continuous research and development efforts to improve the durability and reliability of Linglong tires.”

A drifting competition really leaves an impression in the form of a big sensory overload, as it combines engine noise punctuated by the loud ‘pop’ of the exhaust pipe under extreme pressure, while the towering smoke and the hot rubber can bring tears to the eyes of the enthusiastic spectators.

Racers are required to possess high technical and psychological capacity at the event, which integrates speed with technology, while relying on the tyre’s impeccable quality and performance.

Engineered with Linglong Tire’s racing-inspired technology, the brand’s performance tyres are developed with specialist construction and tread compounds for maximum grip which allows for extreme cornering and braking, essential in a drifting competition that takes place over many races and different days.

Tyremart is the distributor of Linglong Tires in Brunei and Linglong tires are available at all Tyremart branches and appointed dealers.