Seminar sheds light on digital transformation journey

|     Danial Norjidi     |

HEWLETT Packard Enterprise (HPE) with HPE authorised distributor for Brunei Darussalam Tech Green Sdn Bhd held the seminar ‘Redefining IT Infrastructure with HPE Product Portfolio’ recently.

The event at The Rizqun International Hotel was divided into two sessions. The first session in the morning was for clients while the second session in the afternoon was for partners.

Among the topics were ‘HPE strategic direction for FY19’, ‘HPE portfolio’, ‘A new compute experience in the era of digital transformation’ and ‘Accelerating success in business transformation with HPE storage’.

Speaking to the Bulletin, Technical Marketing Manager, Growth and Emerging Markets (GEMS), Hybrid IT Sales at HPE Ng Jit Keong said the event aimed to share with customers HPE’s strategy in the journey of digital transformation, in line with the new year.

Presales Consultant for Asia Emerging Countries at HPE Md Hamidur Rahman Khan said on what they hope attendees will take away from the talk.

Attendees during the event
Technical Marketing Manager, Growth and Emerging Markets (GEMS), Hybrid IT Sales at HPE Ng Jit Keong and Presales Consultant for Asia Emerging Countries at HPE Md Hamidur Rahman Khan. – PHOTOS: RAHWANI ZAHARI

“I think they will come to know about the HPE solutions that we are planning and we are focussing in this country, in the context of the mobile operators and especially in the oil and gas organisations and government automations,” he said.

“So how HPE can complement with our product line and the hybrid solutions; I think that will be the key takeaway, on how we can complement them.”

Ng Jit Keong said that HPE has a broad portfolio with breadth and depth to help customers embrace the journey of digital transformation.

He also shared that HPE has a whole ecosystem, noting its partnerships with leading software vendors.

Md Hamidur added, “It’s in an open platform so that the customer will have more flexibility.”

Speaking on HPE’s presence in Brunei, Md Hamidur said, “HPE has a broad presence in Brunei through our partner ecosystem. We have distributors, services partners, so in that way, we do the business through our partner landscape.

“We make sure that our partners are well trained, well certified with the HPE products and solutions and thereafter that,” he said, noting that this is why they visit the country on a quarterly basis.

“It is our prime objective to educate the partners and also let the clients know how HPE is doing in the markets.”

On further plans for Brunei, Ng Jit Keong said they will continue to engage with their customers, underlining that their partner network enables them to reach out to their clients.

“We will continue to engage our customers through this kind of forum, through this kind of customer event,” he said.

“We will also visit customers face-to-face,” he said. “We also continue remote engagement, be it through video conferencing, conference call and etc.

“The world is widely connected, so the physical boundary no longer separates us because of this interconnected digital world. We might be hundreds of miles apart, but because of all this technology, we can continue to support you remotely, just like we are there face-to-face,” he said.

Ng Jit Keong said, “Because we are the regional support for this part of the world, we can bring the value and experience that we have in our countries in the Southeast Asia region, the latest trends and the best practices into the Brunei market based on the customer install base that we have.

“I think that is a win-win for us, because we are not just seeing from the perspective of the Brunei market but we are also sharing our best practices around the region and bringing the best experience to the Brunei market, to the user.”