Seminar focusses on shaping investment portfolio post-pandemic

Some 90 guests attended the seminar ‘Post-COVID-19: Shaping Your Investment Portfolio’ held by Baiduri Capital at the Baiduri Bank Headquarters in Jalan Gadong on Saturday, as part of its efforts to keep its clients up-to-date on the latest developments in the global market.

A panel, comprising three experts spoke on the current developments in the global markets and offered their takes on how investors can analyse these new developments to help diversify their portfolios.

Two of the speakers from United Overseas Bank Asset Management (UOBAM) as well as Lion Global Investor (LGI) , tuned in via video calls during the seminar.

Mukhriz Mangsor from Quant Dynamic – a certified financial technician with 16 years of experience on financial instruments, trading and investing – led the guests through a detailed analysis of the current volatile stock market, while also offering his perspectives on which sectors will play a major role when economies begin their road to recovery.

Senior Director and Head of the Investment Partnerships and Solutions (IPS) unit at UOBAM Dharmo Soejanto spoke about the current developments in the bond markets while Chartered Financial Analyst, and Senior Director and Analyst of Lion Global Investors Lim Yuin spoke on how this year will likely be “the year of recovery”, as major economies continue to slowly re-open and get boost with the progress of vaccination programmes.

The seminar ended with a panel discussion with all three speakers, who took questions from the guests.

General Manager of Baiduri Capital Peng Eng Soon said, “Analysts have already forecasted this year to be a challenging year, but with developments in vaccination programmes, major economies are steadily recovering. The aim of seminars like this is to keep our clients and business partners up-to-date, and network them to our partners and experts in various fields, so that they are aware of key developments which will equip them in navigating their investments as the year goes on.”

The seminar in progress at the Baiduri Bank Headquarters in Jalan Gadong. PHOTO: BAIDURI CAPITAL