Seminar on demystifying IR4.0 for public sector executives

|     Azlan Othman     |

THE Civil Service Institute (IPA) held a one-day ‘Demystifying IR4.0 for Public Sector Executives’ programme aimed to discuss changes/predictions that we foresee in the future in the context of Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR4.0) yesterday.

The invited speaker for the programme was Principal Consultant on Digital Talent and Transformation from K-Pintar Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) Muhammad Imran Kunalan.

The programme ‘Demystifying IR4.0 for Public Sector Executives’ was coordinated by the Organisational Development and Innovation Cluster, Learning and Development Division, Civil Service Institute.

The programme explained how these changes will be brought about in the cyber-physical world by the extensive use of digital intelligence, which will be available on mobile, Internet and pervasive computing as homes, offices and factories become a well-knitted cyber-physical system. The programme is not a technical course but more of a deep technological insight that forms the gist for digitalisation and adoption of IR4.0 by any organisation.

Participants of the programme were exposed to the IR4.0 fundamentals and the roots of digital transformation that can be applied in their organisation besides learning the various stages of industrial evolutions as well as the implications it has on work and skill.

Principal Consultant on Digital Talent and Transformation from K-Pintar Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) Muhammad Imran Kunalan stresses a point at the seminar. – AZLAN OTHMAN

Participants will also be able to identify the enablers and drivers of IR4.0 and how it can be utilised besides given knowledge on real cases from different industries to show how industries evolved with the changes.

Other topics discussed included ‘Setting the Scene: The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Leading to Digital Transformation’; ‘Industry 4.0 Implementation Beyond Manufacturing: Readiness Assessment and Case Study’ and ‘Roundtable Discussion on Way Forward for Brunei Darussalam’.

The programme was attended by 220 participants comprising government officers and officers from private sector who are working on organisational transformation through digitalisation and embracing IR4.0 platform.

The world has witnessed the power of mechanisation in the early 19th Century, automation in the 70s, information and the Internet in the last decades. The adaptation of connected intelligence into the business and social fabrics is advancing at an astonishing speed, which will completely change the way we conduct business.