Semester break starts off with games, BBQ

FIFTY students alongside their lecturers and staff from Kemuda Institute’s (KI) Bandar Seri Begawan (BSB) campus gathered at Pantai Muara on a peaceful to participate in a joyous Break Free event on March 23.

The event was organised and hosted by KI’s BSB Student Council 2019. It served as a way for students to unwind after long and stressful weeks of assignments.

Event-goers were divided into teams and competed in a flurry of fun-filled games such as Kaki Tiga and treasure hunts. The event ended at lunch time after everyone enjoyed a big barbecue feast.

A similar Break Free was also held at Anduki Beach Recreational Park. It was hosted by KI’s Kuala Belait Student Council 2019. Students from BSB even got to join in on their fun as the event started off with an ice breaking session followed by games.

The first game was called ‘Head, Knee, Feet & Cone’ which brought great laughter from everyone as each player attempts to take a cone from their opponent.

This was followed by a heart-wrenching farewell party to one of KB’s own Bob. Students and lecturers sang a song to honour him. Bob delivered an inspirational speech which moved all event-goers.

As the melancholic atmosphere subsided, everyone proceeded to enjoy a feast of chicken and lamb barbeque similar to that of BSB’s event.

A huge water balloon fight capped everything off, washing away the remnants of sadness from earlier and putting everyone’s spirits up. Nur Amirah & Noris Syafiqah binti Ismail

ABOVE & BELOW: Participants at the event