Selfishness to blame for bad parking practice

I would like to respond to an Opinion letter, ‘Dangerous parking practice’, published on September 9.

I don’t think it’s limited to the capital. The obvious lack of concern for road safety and fellow motorists can be seen in areas that have schools.

While some school areas have traffic police to keep the flow of cars under control, there are many more that don’t.

Often, two-lane roads are reduced to a single lane due to cars parked by roadsides, and motorists have no choice but to “negotiate” with cars in the opposite direction to see who gets to traverse the narrow path.

While it’s easy to simply ask the authorities to dispatch traffic police to all these areas with schools, it is frankly a poor use of our enforcement manpower.

Instead, I would like to see more awareness on civic duties. Or perhaps incorporate civics into the school curriculum.

There are so many selfish individuals with very little regard for others. Maybe the only way to make a lasting change is through education.

Frustrated Driver