‘Selera Kampung’, free dining for senior citizens

|    Izah Azahari    |

THE Rizqun Coffee House is having several promotions such as ‘Selera Kampung’, a hi-tea buffet, Special National Day promotion for senior citizens and individuals celebrating their 34th birthday this year.

Among the delicacies in the ‘Selera Kampung’ promotion are Kerabu Sambal Terung, Kerabu Kacang Panjang, Kerabu Tang Hoon and Prawn, Kerabu Hati Buyah and Kerabu Ikan Pusu, Pais, Air Rebusan Merah and Air Rebusan Kuning.

Diners can expect main course dishes such as Roast Lamb in Peanut Sauce, Roast Chicken in Honey Sauce and Curry Beef with Potatoes.

The promotion will also include food stations for soup, Ambuyat, Sambal and Cacah Kampong, Soto, Laksa Tahai and Laksa Sarawak, Es Batu Campur and Cendol, as well as a carving station, desserts and drinks.

The promotion is available until March 2. A Special National Day promotion will be available today to February 25 where senior citizens aged 60 and above as well as those celebrating their 34th birthday this year will be able to dine in for free, with terms and conditions.

Also part of the National Day promotion is a hi-tea buffet available until February 25 from 3pm – 5pm.

Some of the dishes for ‘Selera Kampung’ promotion. – IZAH AZAHARI