Selena Gomez ‘excited’ for the New Year

SELENA Gomez is “excited for the New Year” following her trip to rehab, as she’s treating the start of 2019 as a “fresh start” for herself.

The 26-year-old singer entered a treatment facility at the beginning of October after she suffered an “emotional breakdown” following multiple hospitalisations due to issues related to Lupus and her kidney transplant last year.

And since leaving rehab last month, she’s been continuing to work on her health, with sources now saying she’s ready to start 2019 with the “new skills” she’s learned to help her “navigate daily life”.

One insider said, “[Selena is] excited for the new year. She’s feeling like this is a fresh start and she has new skills to help her navigate daily life. She’s doing well and is feeling great. She’s following a simple daily routine that involves a work out, either hiking, Pilates or hot yoga, therapy sessions and spending time with friends.”

The Wolves hitmaker has reportedly started “working with several professionals” who are helping her put together a routine so she can stay healthy.

The source added “[She is] surrounding herself with the right people. She is working with several professionals that are helping her focus on being positive and staying healthy. She is spending time with them daily and has a strong support system in place.”

And Selena has also been enjoying “chill nights at home” with her close friends, who are all remaining supportive of her health journey. – BANG!