Second protest in Phnom Penh over detained ‘filmmaker’

PHNOM PENH (The Phnom Penh Post/ANN) – The wife of detained ‘filmmaker’ Rath Rott Mony and 10 other protestors gathered outside the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Phnom Penh for a second time on Wednesday, reiterating calls for his release.

The group had initially submitted a petition to the embassy on December 18, 2018 calling for its support and that of Russian President Vladimir Putin to secure Rott Mony’s release.

Cambodian Construction Workers Trade Union Federation President Rott Mony was first arrested on December 7 by Thai police for his alleged role as a producer in the controversial documentary, My Mother Sold Me, that was aired by Russian state news network RT.

Thai police arrested and deported him on December 12 at the request of Cambodian authorities.

The Phnom Penh Municipal Court then ordered Rott Mony’s detention on December 13, 2018 under Article 496 of the Criminal Code.

Rott Mony claimed he was only an intermediary and translator for the film’s producers.

If convicted, he faces one to three years in prison and a fine of USD500-USD1,000.

Long Kimheang, Rott Mony’s wife, said the protest was organised to continue pressuring the embassy to intervene on her husband’s behalf as he was working for Russian state media on the documentary.

“We are following up our petition that we sent online, as last time they refused to receive our petition in person. We’ve learned that RT has already sent a letter to the embassy to ask them to intervene, so we want to check what the embassy has done to help my husband,” she said.

Rott Mony’s wife and 10 other protestors gathered outside the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Phnom Penh. – THE PHNOM PENH POST/ANN