Second night of Netherlands violence as Biden touts herd immunity

THE HAGUE (AFP) – The Netherlands has been hit by a second night of riots, as coronavirus curfew frustrations boiled over, even as President Joe Biden said herd immunity could be achieved this year.

With global infections fast approaching 100 million, any chance such community-wide protection is heavily dependent on the roll-out of innoculations.

But wrangles over distribution have emerged in recent days, with the European Union criticising a delay in AstraZeneca’s delivery of its shots, and Russia and China offering to step into the breach for less wealthy countries with their home-grown jabs.

Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte told reporters the weekend’s street violence was “unacceptable. All normal people will regard this with horror.”

On Monday night, protesters rampaged again in several cities following the introduction of a coronavirus curfew over the weekend.

Riot police clashed with groups of protesters in Amsterdam and elsewhere, including the port city of Rotterdam, where people smashed shop windows, and police deployed a water cannon.