Seat belts save lives

I would like to respond to the writer of ‘Common causes of accident’, published in the Opinion Page of the Bulletin on July 18.

Let’s be absolutely clear. While not wearing a seat belt isn’t necessarily the cause of an accident, it will definitely save lives in most road accidents.

The focus must be to ensure all drivers and passengers, including rear-seat passengers, wear seat belts. Sadly, however, it isn’t a common practice in Brunei.

Very often, you can see children at the front passenger seat not wearing a safety belt, whereas their parents often are. There’s no doubt that these parents love their children; the most likely reason for the oversight is the lack of awareness of the danger and consequences posed by such a misstep in the event of an accident.

I believe that the authorities face the challenge of getting certain motorists to take road safety seriously. And as drivers, we should make sure our passengers understand the importance of wearing a seat belt.