Seagull flies into woman’s house and vomits on her kitchen counter

METRO UK – This is the moment an unwelcome avian visitor makes themselves at home in a woman’s house – before violently throwing up on the kitchen counter.

Video footage shows the seagull waltzing through a Brighton living room as seemingly terrified tenants Natalie Wattenbach, 27, and Charlotte Morley, 28, scream at it to leave. The bird is seen waddling around to cries of ‘Get out!’ before it flies across the living room, appearing to head towards the garden door. But it then takes a detour to the kitchen counter and begins to gag.

After being sick on the work surface it flies into the garden, before eventually being shooed away from the scene. Recruitment worker Natalie, from Brighton, said her housemate was sick herself after seeing the ‘grim’, gloopy rice-like vomit left by ‘Steven Seagull’.

She explained, “We were on Zoom to our friends doing a quiz when it just walked in. It’s always staring at us from the fence in the garden.

“Our whole house is white so we thought it would just walk into the toilet or something like that. We were following it about because I was worried it would steal my water bottle.

“We were just screaming. Our friends could see it from the laptop on the table, they were trying to film it all. Charlotte ran to the toilet to be sick and I was left to clearing it up.

“It was just vile. It’s hard to explain it but it was like this gloopy rice. ‘It took a good five minutes to clear it up.”

The footage was filmed during lockdown, on April 12 but Natalie said the seagull has continued to look in at them since.

She continued, “We knew something would happen with that seagull. We know it’s the same one because it’s just so fat. We’ve actually nicknamed him Steven Seagull. He still sits on the fence looking in but thankfully he hasn’t come back into the house.”