SCSB introduces ESG focussed fund

Standard Chartered Securities (SCSB) is introducing its new Unit Trust fund from BlackRock with a focus on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).

SCSB, a capital market service license (CMSL) holder and wholly-owned subsidiary of Standard Chartered Bank, was the first in the country to introduce ESG focussed funds last year, giving interested investors options to do good with their money aligned with their values.

The latest unit trust fund, BlackRock Global Funds ESG Multi Asset, seeks out investments targetting key ESG themes involving climate change, renewable energy, pollution control, innovative farming, recycling, water and waste management as well as alignment with United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals, while offering potential monthly income.

In addition, SCSB is also adding the BlackRock Global High Yield Fund Bond fund to its range of unit trust funds for investors seeking investments offering potentially higher income distribution and lower sensitivity to interest rate changes compared to portfolio of investment grade bonds.

Standard Chartered Bank Head of Wealth Management and SCSB CEO Brenda Low said, “We are committed to becoming the world’s most sustainable and responsible bank. Offering sustainable investments to our clients is one of the ways we believe can contribute towards global aims of reaching nett zero while enabling investors to achieve their personal financial goals.

“Investing with SCSB is also affordable and accessible, starting as low as BND1,000 in a lump sum subscription or only BND100 monthly contribution into regular savings plan.”