Schools need to prepare students for real world

I would like to highlight the lax attitude regarding dress codes and hairstyles in schools these days.

As a parent of a teenager, I’m appalled by the school he’s attending for allowing him to grow his hair long.

A school is meant to be a place where the future generation gets nurtured and moulded into respectable adults.

Instead, when asked why there is no stricter enforcement in regards to hairstyle, the school administration simply stated that it’s outside of their purview and that students are mature enough to choose their own lifestyle.

In the fast progressing world that we live in, how we present ourselves is of utmost importance as giving a good first impression can take one far in life.

A school is supposed to prepare children for the real world, and as such, should make sure that the students learn at a young age to be proper and prim with knowledge of social dress codes. I hope the authorities could look into the curriculum and find ways to turn schools in preparatory institutions for the real world.

Disturbed Parent