Schools mark National Day

|    Azlan Othman    |

A NATIONAL Day celebration, the dissolution cum appointment of student representatives as well the appointment of heads of classes, their assistants and prefects for Rimba Secondary School were held last Saturday.

The students were selected based on their potentials and training leaders. It is also to educate the students on leadership.

The students attended a National Day celebration to inculcate the spirit of patriotism and nationalism. It is to instill a sense of responsibility among students and teachers in realising the Brunei Vision 2035, to nurture the spirit of unity and cement closer ties.

Meanwhile, Tungku Primary School also celebrated National Day recently.

Headmaster Dzulbaharin bin Haji Sulaiman, Deputy Headmistresses Amashuraini and Hasdinah Faranom, as well as teachers and students with colourful attires gathered for the event.

Students representatives, class heads and assistant class heads of the Rimba Secondary School at the appointment ceremony. – AZLAN OTHMAN
Photos above and below show Tungku Primary School students at the celebration

Tungku Primary School Teacher Ampuan Aziz receives a quiz prize

The event started with the national anthem followed by the National Day oath led by the school’s Scouts students. The spirit of National Day continued with national attire presentation performed by the Special Education Needs Assistance students, and poem recitation.

Quizzes for teachers were also performed on stage by Year 5 students regarding the histories of the Sultans of Brunei. All participating teachers received their presents for the right answers given.

The Year 6 students presented the final in the hall, with another patriotic poem through choral reading and a patriotic song of Berkibarlah Bendera.

Two bonus gifts for a student and a teacher who wore the best attires following the theme of Brunei national flag also presented by the school’s headmaster.

The peak of the event ended with a grouped picture of students and teachers created the HK35 in front of the administration building taken from a top view.