School prepares for more online teaching

James Kon

Chung Hwa Middle School (CHMS), BSB is readying its teachers for more online classes. One of the largest private schools in the country, CHMS recently conducted its annual Digital Literacy Workshop with a focus on online teaching.

According to CHMS BSB Principal Kho Guik Lan, the current session is based significantly on feedback that their secondary section received for conducting live lessons during school closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

She said that the workshop was conducted to prepare and increase the number of teachers to practice online teaching.

“The commendable outcomes achieved both in GCE ‘O’ Level and PSR Examinations has shown the benefits of digital training that teachers have received over the years, as lessons were conducted remotely.

“The fusion of Microsoft Teams and various EdTech apps incorporated across the devices has allowed seamless sharing of live lessons, presentations, interactive worksheets and documents, facilitated productive remote discussions,” said the principal.

Kho said that their school was one of the first ‘Microsoft Showcase Schools’ in the country. “Our school has consistently set out to lead in changing instructional approaches and figuring out how to suit the needs of 21st Century students,” she said.

Their cooperation with Microsoft benefitted both students and teachers, she said, highlighting benefits such as being able to review the recordings of their classes and personalised learning for students, who were able to revisit lessons depending on their schedules as well as seek out teacher support through meetings and chatrooms.

“By and large, our digital learning workshop has truly presented to us a great deal of
astounding advantages,” Kho added.

The ‘Digital Learning Workshop’ took place in two sessions; Session One – ‘Exploring Teams’ session where teachers were trained through hands on session to create and manage Class Teams. The integration of OneNote ClassNotebook was introduced to enforce pragmatic and proficient use of Class Teams while Session 2 empowered educators to learn about the powerful strategies to utilize Tablets/ iPad in the classroom.

The session was facilitated by Anthony Chieng, who shared his expertise in using a variety of devices to ensure student engagement during lessons. The core subject teachers shared their proficiency in blending content with appropriate devices that suit the needs of their students.

Principal of CHMS BSB Kho Guik Lan with participants of the workshop. PHOTO: JAMES KON