School incorporates language learning with sport activities

ORANG Kaya Besar Imas Primary School in Subok Cluster 4 held its second Bahasa Melayu Language Tournament in conjunction with the National Language Month 2019 last Saturday.

The tournament was one of the initiatives of the school’s Malay Language Unit to uphold the dignity of Bahasa Melayu as the national language.

The event began with singing the national anthem Allah Peliharakan Sultan, followed by the recitation of Doa Selamat and a speech by Headmaster Pengiran Royyeman bin Pengiran Sulaiman.

The event had a unique twist as it incorporated the essence of language learning with sports activities.

Teachers and students were organised into different sports teams according to colour themes – Markucing (red), Karamunting (green), Begawan (yellow) and Cerangin (blue).

The sports teams competed in different categories of sports games.

The event ended with a prize presentation for all the winners of the sports games under each category and also consolation prizes for non-winners.

The sports team Karamunting (green) was the overall winner of the tournament.

Students and teachers during the Bahasa Melayu Language Tournament