School in Belait holds monthly religious programme

|     Daniel Lim     |

AS PART of a continuous effort to help disseminate the Islamic knowledge to students and to instil Al-Insannussaleh, the Islamic Studies Department (JPI) of the Ministry of Religious Affairs held the first Monthly Religious Programme for 2019 across the country yesterday.

Under the theme Solat Mencegah Perbuatan Keji dan Mungkar (Prayers prevent Despicable Acts and Malicious Deeds), this month’s religious programme was held at selected religious schools across the country.

In the Belait District, the programme was held at Sungai Liang Religious School yesterday afternoon.

A total of 174 students from the school participated in the programme in two sessions.

The programme began with a Tazkirah by the school’s senior academic teacher Abdul Aziz bin Sulong.

He discussed the importance of the five daily Fardhu prayers and how they form the pillars of the Islamic faith.

The programme continued with the recitation of Doa Awal Tahun Persekolahan led by Primary 5 student Muhd Daniel Iman bin Abdul Aziz.

This was followed by the recitation of Doa Allah Peliharakan Sultan dan Negara Brunei Darussalam by Primary 6 student Muhd Amin bin Haji Muhd Tarif.

Senior academic teacher of Sungai Liang Religious School Abdul Aziz bin Sulong delivers the Tazkirah to the students during the programme. – DANIEL LIM